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The Original MINI-FARM™

Affordable Hydroponics System for Home & Small Business

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The Original MINI-FARM™

Live healthy and share joy with home grown produce.

The Original MINI-FARM™ grows vegetables bigger & faster using indoor farming technology... at home!

Works indoors & outdoors. The most affordable hydroponics kit on the market! A favorite of families, schools and environmentalists.

We highly recommend the 1000W Ultimate Grow Lights. The grow lights will enhance your success even faster. MINI-FARM™ is a universal grow system that can grow almost all crops.

The easiest way to get started

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Beginner-friendly bundle to get started. Powered by natural sunlight. (click for more info)

Starter FARM Bundle includes...

  • - Our friendly online community of Mini-Farmers sharing pictures & trading tips
  • - Our detailed step by step easy to follow grow guides
  • - FOODSAFE Barebones MINI-FARM™ with 28 grow spots
  • - FOODSAFE Water Reservoir
  • - Mixed Greens Seeds (Lettuce, Spinach, Bok Choy & Kale)
  • - Hydroponic Nutrients
  • - Grow Medium & Net Cups
  • - Water Pump
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Unlock the ability to grow indoors 365 days a year. The BEST VALUE grow system. (click for more info)

Includes everything in the Starter Bundle, plus...

  • - Everything in the Starter Bundle, plus...
  • - 1000W Ultimate Grow Lights
  • - Commercial pH Balancer
  • - Electronic pH Meter
  • - Electronic EC Meter
  • - Live customer support for growing
  • - Mini-Farm TV Lifetime Subscription
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For businesses, schools & community centers. Unlock Exclusive Access to our small business community. (click for more info)

Easy Indoor Farming

  • - Four (4) MINI-FARM systems
  • - Four (4) 1000W Grow Lights
  • -Four (4) Water Reservoirs
  • - Four (4) Grow Medium & Net Cups
  • - Four (4) Water Pumps
  • - Two (2) Extension Cords
  • - One (1) Greens Seeds Pack (Lettuce, Spinach, Bok Choy & Kale)
  • - One (1) Fruiting Seeds Pack (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, okra)
  • - One (1) Nutrients Pack
  • - One (1) Spare Parts Kit
  • - One (1) pH Balancer
  • - One (1) pH Meter
  • - One (1) EC Meter
  • - Online Grow Guides
  • - Online Community
  • - Exclusive access to our Small Business Community

Prefer to DIY? "Do It Yourself"

Save money with a barebones MINI-FARM™

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Just the MINI-FARM with 28 grow spots, water pump, grow medium & net cups. Bring your own seeds & nutrients. Water reservoir not included.

Join our Active Online Community

Sharing Daily Joy & Progress


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Beginner friendly video guides


I LOVE the Freshness Quality!

I'm amazed by how much harvest yield I can get from the MINI-FARM every day. I've saved so much money on groceries, but the biggest difference is the freshness quality.

- Abby in Houstan, TX

Puts me in control of my family's health

My MINI-FARM is the best investment I've made in 2021. There are no affordable groceries in my neighborhood, and even the expensive ones are an hours bus ride away. My MINI-FARM gives me access to fresh veggies for [almost] free, which means I don't need to make financial sacrifices for my family's health. We can have quality and quantity.

- Deborah in Jacksonville, MI

The Price is Right!

I have the expensive hydroponic systems too, and after a year of comparison, I can highly recommend you stick with the MINI-FARM. It's simple, reliable and gets the job done. You can get 3 to 4 MINI-FARMs for the same price of the comparable alternatives.

- Gavon in Denver, CO


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