Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have grow guides?

Yes, we have grow guides for every Grow Kit available at https://www.mini-farm.co/get-started. There are easy 5-second video GIFs you can follow along.

2. Are you an American company?

Yes, Mini-Farm Gardening Inc is an American company. We are based in California and operate in the Continental United States and Canada. As much as possible, we try to source from American suppliers. Our current list of suppliers range from Utah (seeds), Georgia (nutrients), California (strawberries, assembly, warehousing, design & creative), Texas (some plastics) and New York State (nutrients). We also import electronic & some plastics from China. Currently, we are trying to find an American plastics molding company willing to work with small business. If you know of any, please send us a message and we will be so grateful for your help! Let’s bring manufacturing back to America! 

3. Are the seeds organic?

Yes, we source both organic and non-organic seeds, depending on seasonality and the Grow Kit. If you strictly only want organic seeds, please message us by clicking the chat icon below. We’ll be happy to customize your order :)

4. Do you have to keep purchasing the seeds every month?

No, you do not need to purchase seeds every month, once your crops are grown, you can continuously harvest (with most crops). You may also use any seeds you like, from your local grocery store, our online store, or straight from your garden!

5. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can easily cancel your order anytime before you get tracking information for your shipment. Cancellations will be returned as store credit in the form of a gift card. If your package is already shipped out, please see our 90 day refund policy below.

6. What’s your refund policy?

We have a generous 90 day refund policy. Simply ship it back to us and we'll process your refund within 3 business days upon receipt at our warehouse.

If the package is already opened, then we require that you upload a series of photos of each hardware part to ensure the Grow Kit is complete. If you have all the hardware parts, then we will issue a 100% refund on your Grow Kit. If you are missing some hardware parts, then we can only issue a 50% refund.

7. Can I pick my seeds?

Yes, you can pick your seeds by selecting the Grow Kit variant you want. The product page for each Grow Kit outlines what is included in each.


8. Where is the best place to grow this?

Your Mini-Farm Grow Kits can be grown indoors or outdoors. The best place depends on the space that is available to you, and what crops you want to grow. Here are some general rules of thumb:

- If you are in the Southern USA, you can grow leafy greens and most fruiting crops year round.

- If you experience Winter temperatures below 60’f then you will need indoor grow lights to grow year round. Otherwise you are subject to outdoors seasonality. You can see seasonality for each Grow Kit variant on their respective product pages.

- The best place indoors to grow are on your main floor or upper floors. We do not recommend basements unless its a furnished heated basement. A sunny window is a bonus, but indoor grow lights will be your main source of light. If you wish to use a more advanced setup with a grow tent, please message us using the chat icon below.

- Even if your Grow Kit variant is not in season, you can still start growing so that by the time the season rolls around, your plant will already have a size head start.


9. Do you have Paypal payment? What are the available modes of payment?

Currently we do not support Paypal, only Credit Card, Apply Pay and Google Pay. We are looking into setting up Paypal as an option as well. Paypal takes a large % of every sale, and since we strive to price our Grow Kits as affordably as possible, the Paypal Merchant Fee ends up being very expensive for us.


10. What is your warranty?

We (Mini-Farm) provide a 90 day refund & warranty on all parts, including the water pump. And the PVC plastics itself has a lifespan of 10+ years, so you can be using your Mini-Farm for a very long time!


11. How long is shipping?

Our shipping times vary based on seasonality and Grow Kit. Typically it is 5-7 business days. Some Grow Kits will take 2-4 weeks (usually pre-orders), and you can see which at checkout.